Facebook Marketing and Mentoring

Ever wondered why some businesses are full of customers of all ages and other equally enticing ones are empty?....well read on....

A couple of months back I was searching for a studio and talking to everyone in a 10 km radius of where I was looking. I wanted to be in a spot near to a busy coffee shop for 3 reasons....

1) it was one of the reasons that I loved my Mitcham gallery (being attached to This Fine day)

2) Coffee shops attract lots of new laid back customers to the area and

3) I love coffee and need a quality supply.  

The one thing I noticed after googling the various spots was that the successful ones all had a very active (not necessarily big) presence on Facebook as did the busy giftshops, galleries and clothing boutiques.

Being a pro photographer I also noticed that the quality of photographs on these sites made a huge difference in how likely people were to 'like' the page and that a lot, and even some of the very popular sites , had really crappy photos which is a big turn off!

Many of my friends who have businesses do not know how facebook works and don't understand why it is necessary and it takes a while to explain and train these people....personally I have been using it for about 4 years and its easy to maintain once you have the hang of it but it can be an enormous time waster if you don't.

So I have decided to incorporate Facebook marketing and mentoring for a few select businesses which will include an initial startup photoshoot and page creation and a weekly shoot so that photos can be released on a daily basis and a following can be built up. Depending on each business, the time needed to continue the mentoring may only be 1 month or it may take 3 months but I would expect that you would be able to take it over yourself in a fairly short period of time and then the option for the weekly photoshoot would be up to you to continue if you need it. 

There will be an upfront charge of $650 for the initial 10 web photos and $150 for the page creation if you don't already have one and then $125 per week for the weekly shoot (5 images) and feed. Or if you sign up for 3 months then it can be invoiced at $600 per month (payable one month in advance). I will be in control of posting updates daily until such time as you are confident enough to do it yourself. The mini shoots will take place on a Monday or Tuesday at your business and I will then help you organise the tools you need to take it over with the aim being for you to be able to do it yourself with the continuing photoshoots being available if you need them.

If you only need a weekly mini photoshoot, already have a page and are happy to do your posts yourself then the cost is $500 per month.

Knowing that time and resources are important for the good running of any business this will leave you to get on with the day to day running rather than wasting your valuable time or paying an unqualified person to do it. The fanbase you build up will be an instant database for your business to access.

Please call me on 0404208102 if you think that this sounds like something you need to do. I have a limited number of spots available. 

You can also do it if you already have a page and I would just be made admin for the period of time required. 

You will have permission to use the images for your other websites (with my small watermark on them)