Starting May 2014

As a working photographer of some 20 years now I have decided to implement a programme to give back to the people who have been the most supportive of Crackerjack. Over the next month or so I will be contacting via email the clients who meet the requirements, To qualify for membership you need to have done one of the following

1) Had 2 or more shoots in the last 5 years (includes an Art Shoot)

2) Recommended 3 or more booked customers to the studio

3) Spent $2000 or more on product in any one shoot.

4) Have purchased two or more Leanne King - Artworks (including paintings)


If you qualify then we want to give back to you because you are a highly valued customer and our business relies on recommendations like yours to prosper into the future. We need people who value what we do and are happy to spread the word and in return you will receive the following from us

1) 1 complimentary shoot per year transferable to a friend or family member. (Valid for current year)

2) A Click and Create workshop at 50% cost  CLICK FOR INFO

If you think that you may qualify please contact me at and I will check your status

Please note: This does not apply to any shoots where the shoot was complimentary....our aim is to reward those who really value what we do and give back.  

This is done with huge gratitude to those extremely valued clients.

With thanks


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